Welcome to The Unstable Equation!
Hey all and welcome to the new site, Muckie finally made the new looks and new site so its updated and better looking so i salute you Muckie!

If there is anything you need or wanna report you can ask Natherul in-game or mail me at natherul0@gmail.com

If you wanna join the guild talk to a officer in-game, use our application-form on this site or go to our forum and post in application part (still works^^).

April 2011

5:th April
Today I decided to start again so the guild will continue its exsistance activly in WoW, however it will be even more casual then before, one of th reasons for that is that I myself will play other games as well (mostly WAR since WAR is better in PVP, so if you want to play with me there talk to me or apply on the TUE WAR site :D )

-Booth the Bear

October 2009

8:th October
Today the guild will stop functioning and fall apart since I myself will stop playing WoW and it is my wish for the guild to fall apart rather then to appoint a new leader!

-Ihat the Righteous

September 2009

29:th September
The Argent Crusade's best champions put up a good fight but they lost in the end!

Gratz to:
Kailo: Binding Stone
Änglaa: Sunreaver Magus' Sandals

-Ihat the Righteous

24:th September
After some time left alone in a cave we decided to pay the brood-mother a visit!

Gratz to:
Ihat: Gleaming Quel'Serrar
Kailo: Ashen Sack of Gems
Ihat: Enlarged Onyxia Hide Backpack
Orpheuz: Bloodfang Mask
Barya: Dragonstalker's Helmet
Ihat: Head of Onyxia

-Ihat the Righteous

8:th September
Not even the powers of the nether could stop us, Lord Jaraxxus tried but failed!

Gratz to:
Ihat: Belt of the Nether Champion
Yámato: Felspark Bracers

We had a craving for some food so we hunted the Northrend Beasts down!

Gratz to:
Barya: Bracers of the Northern Stalker
Sootis: Icehowl Binding

-Ihat the Righteous

August 2009

9:th August
The fire was burning bright, so bright that even Ignis himself got burned!

Gratz to:
Ziakk: Rifle of the Platinum Guard
Seccèry: Drape of Fuming Anger

-Ihat the Righteous

7:th August
It got a bit chilly after a while so we killed the cause of this issue, Hodir!

Gratz to:
Shadowfex: Signet of Winter
Ihat: Leggings of the Wayward Conqueror

-Ihat the Righteous

3:rd August
After getting thrown out from his party a few times we went and crashed Thorim's party!

Gratz to:
Micowave: Spaulders of the Wayward Protector
Änglaa: Handwraps of Resonance

-Ihat the Righteous

July 2009

6:th July
After throwing a few cats on us we got bored and showed crazy cat lady that she was quite abusive to her cats

Gratz to:
Payme: Cover of the Keepers
Shadowfex: Nimble Climber's Belt

-Ihat the Righteous

June 2009

26:th June:
Just added a rss feed!

-Natherul the Coder

21:st June
After a little while of diplomatic discussion the Iron Council went down the pipe!

Gratz to:
Rockhoof: Boots of the Petrified Forest
Micowave: Cloak of the Iron Council

-Ihat the Righteous

May 2009

25:th May
After a little grease everything works... so Kologarn finally took up his hands from his pants and died!

Gratz to:
Goldtail: Greaves of the Earthbinder
Kaljapötsi: Spire of Withering Dreams

-Ihat the Righteous

8:th May
Today "The Dragon Project" started with Sartharion (Movie)! Enjoy

-Ihat the Righteous

5:th May
We got a craving for some dragonmeat so Razorscale died today

Gratz to:
Kailo: Band of Draconic Guile
Vanqúish: Binding of the Dragon Matriarch

-Ihat the Righteous

April 2009

28:th April:
Today we got a bit bored so the little child XT-002 Deconstructor died!

Gratz to:
Barya: Gloves of Taut Grip
Axeshaman: Pulsing Spellshield

-Ihat the Righteous

21:st April:
We went into Ulduar for the first time today and the Flame Leviathan got his plates destroyed!

Gratz to:
Kailo: Pyrite Infuser
Goldtail: Energy Siphon

-Ihat the Righteous

17:th April
We slammed down 2 bosses in Heroic Naxx today and heres their downfall!

Gratz to:
Payme: Cloak of Averted Crisis
Payme: Serene Echoes
Charrty: Gauntlets of the Disobedient
Charrty: Libram of Radiance

Gratz to:
Kaljapötsi: Gloves of the Fallen Wizard
Kailo: Fool's Trial
Ziakk: Leggings of Colossal Strides
Goldtail: Bindings of the Decrepit

-Ihat the Righteous

15:th April:
Changed so that the raids section now shows that we raid Ulduar and added Ulduar bosses to the boss-list.

-Natherul the Coder

March 2009

22:ond March:
With a bit of trouble with connections Anunb'Rekhan died in heroic mode!

Gratz to:
Kailo: Arachnoid Gold Band
Beefneck: Strong-Handed Ring
Axeshaman: Corpse Scarab Handguards
Axeshaman: Shield of Assimilation

-Ihat the Righteous

17:th March:
Today we killed the maker of magic! Malygos IS NO MORE!

Gratz to:
Barya: Black Ice
Shadowvoid: Greatstaff of the Nexus

-Ihat the Righteous

12:th March:
After fighting quite a while to get enough members to go for the big ones we finally had our first 25 man! Sartharion died at once!

Gratz to:
Orphéus: Large Satchel of Spoils
Synaca: Dragon Hide Bag
Ihat: Gauntlets of the Lost Conqueror
Micowave: Gauntlets of the Lost Protector
Thukblaan: Council Chamber Epaulets
Barya: Hyaline Helm of the Sniper

-Ihat the Righteous

February 2009

24:th February:
We have nothing left to fear in naxx as Kel just got his behind dusted!

Gratz to:
Barya: Nerubian Conquerer
Juvencus: Hammer of the Astral Plane
Zealii: Helm of the Lost Vanquisher

-Ihat the Righteous

8:th February:
Fear Kel'Thuzad for your guardian dragon is dead!

Gratz to:
Ihat: Key to the Focusing Iris
Kailo: Cloak of Mastery
Shadowviod: Cowl of Winged Fear

-Ihat the Righteuos

January 2009

6:th January
After going on Sapph with 1 good healer and 1 secondary healer we got an epiphany and went and killed Sartharion instead!

Gratz to:
Shadówfury: Circle of Arcane Streams
Rockhoof: Gloves of the Lost Vanquisher
Kailo: Dragon Hide Bag

-Ihat the Righteuos

2:ond January
Nothing could stop us today when we went into Naxxramas again and exluded some equations, watch out Kel'Thuzad WE ARE COMING FOR YOU!

Gratz to:
Condorius: Miasma Mantle
Eikahe: Bands of Anxiety

Gratz to:
Rockhoof: Cloak of Armed Strife
Micowave: Leggings of the Lost Protector

Gratz to:
Buki: Leggings of the Lost Conqueror
Eikahe: Torment of the Banished

-Ihat the Righteous

December 2008

21:st December
Today we wentured into Naxxramas again and took care of the 4 whiners!

Gratz to:
Ihat: Thane's Tainted Greathelm
Nengo: Chestguard of the Lost Vanquisher

-Ihat the Righteuos

19:th December:
Today we went in Naxxramas and corrected one of the sissy Lich-King's failed experiments!

Gratz to:
Micowave: Spaulders of the Lost Protector
Kaljapötsi: Fungi-Stained Coverings

-Ihat the Righteous

14:th December:
Today some bosses had no chance when we calculated them out of the equation!

Gratz to:
Micowave: Ravaging Sabatons
Disenchanted: Splint-Bound Leggings


Gratz to:
Darpu: Avenging Combat Leggings
Eikhane: Rusted-Link Spiked Gauntlets


Gratz to:
Kaljapötsi: Timeworn Silken Band
Disenchanted: Web Cocoon Grips


Gratz to:
Eikhane: Spaulders of Resumed Battle
Kaljapötsi: Ring of the Fated


Gratz to:
Kaljapötsi: Saltarello Shoes
Micowave: Amulet of Autopsy

-Ihat the Righteous

7:th December:
We ventured into Naxxramas today and after a failed attempt Patchwerk now bites the dust!

Gratz to:
Stroganoff: Blade of Dormant Memories
Mangix: Gauntlets of Combined Strength

-Ihat the Righteous

5:th December
Today we went into Naxxramas for the first time and 2 suckers now bites the dust!

Gratz to:
Curic: Rapid Attack Gloves
Stroganoff: Iron Rings of Endurance


Gratz to:
Disenchanted: Sabatons of Deathlike Gloom
Disenchanted: Spirit-world Glass

-Ihat the Righteous

1:st December:
Removed Nath's CAM as it was eating RAM and well not used, also added link to join our IRC from the top :D

-Natherul the coder

November 2008

27:th November
Now updated our raids site so it shows the Naxxramas bosses instead :D

-Ihat the Righteous

19:th November:
Just deleted our old roster and changed to a new one as well as addin on our officer page room for a DK officer and a new part of the forum for the DK's

-Natherul the coder

October 2008

12:th October:
After the few couple of tries have shown that it is time for the expansion syndrome we have decided that all raids are on holds untill forther notice and with the coming of patch 3.0 we are removing the raid signup-page (already removed from this page) and we will use the ingame calendar instead!

-Natherul the coder

September 2008

22:ond September
Now added so you can see a livecam when im playing and hopefully soon when any officer is playing, watch from the screenshots page... :D

-Natherul the Coder

18:th September:
After a kick in my ass from Lookimgreen i have now made thumbs of all images on the site so the page should load faster now :D

-Natherul the Coder

12:th September:
Today we wentured into Zul'Aman and we felt a crave for bearmeat so Nalorakk soon died by our hands!

Gratz to:
Kylähullu: Bladeangel's Money Belt

-Ihat the Righteous

August 2008

12:th August:
Today in Karazhan after smashing Prince to small pices of dogfood we felt like we where on a killstreak so we went for Terestian Illhoof and killed him as well!

Gratz to:
Vildhasse: Mender's Heart-Ring
Nazgrel: Fool's Bane

-Ihat the Righteous

July 2008

27:th July:
Today in Karazhan the first mount dropped and gratz to Bellatrix Fiery Warhorse's Reins

-Ihat the Righteous

June 2008

22:ond June:
What to say well Kailo did a oneman band thing today in MgT. Rest of group died at first lapse at 50% and Kailo one-manned him from there!

-Natherul the Coder

19:th June:
Today the ranks in the guild have changed to a few amount instead of all the ones we had before and with the change we removed the promotion system.

-Natherul the Coder

15:th June:
Today after 2 failed attempts we smashed Nightbane's head to dust!

Gratz to:
Micowave: Shield of Impenetrable Darkness
Kaljapötsi: Stonebough Jerkin

-Ihat the Righteous

May 2008

20:th May:
Today I have gotten the Application-form on this site working!

-Natherul the Coder

11:th May:
Prince Malchezaar is no longer amongst the living, he died after a couple of mishaps!

Gratz to:
Rizof: Ring of a Thousand Marks
Zirrande: Helm of the Fallen Defender
Kailo: The Decapitator

-Ihat the Righteous

4:th May:
Today after cleaning last fridays mess up, we went and tried to get Nightbane but we failed at 8% so we are not far from killing him!

-Ihat the Righteous

April 2008

27:th April:
When we went into Karazhan today Shade of Aran knew he was going down and he did, Now Prince Malchezaar beware!

Gratz to:
Nazgrel: Steelspine Faceguard
Micowave: Shermanar Great-Ring

-Ihat the Righteous

22:ond April:
We went in today again in Karazhan and with problems with pet bars we got Chess done

Gratz to:
Ihat: Battlescar Boots
Areathris: Ring of Recurrence

-Ihat the Righteous

20:th April:
Today after some misshaps we went with full pride and killed The Curator!

Gratz to:
Ihat: Gloves of the Fallen Champion
Kaljapötsi: Forest Wind Shoulderpads

-Ihat the Righteous

Mars 2008

30:th Mars:
Removed all Badge of Justice from the DKP site and added them to the ignore-list and the Contest is going fine :D

-Natherul the Coder

16:th Mars:
Today when we went into Karazhan we cleared The Opera Event!

Gratz to:
Nagashon: Trial-Fire Trousers
Inspire: Red Riding Hood's Cloak
Qutraz: Zierhut's Lost Treads

-Ihat the Righteous

4:th Mars:
Added all the raids to GroupCalendar though i will mostly look on the site for signups and take persons in GroupCalendar secondly. But this is also a way to get into raids quicker then just beeing online in the guild!

-Natherul the Coder

2:nd Mars:
Todays venture into Karazhan lead to the deaths of Moroes and Maiden!

Gratz to:
Ihat: Barbed Choker of Discipline
Bimpen: Gloves of Quickening

Gratz to:
Nazgrel: Belt of Gale Force
Coti: Moroes' Lucky Pocket Watch
And a trash dropped:
Coti: Grasp of the Dead

-Ihat the Righteous

February 2008

24:th February:
Updated the Raids page so that it contains more information now!

-Natherul the Coder

3:rd February:
Today we went into Karazhan and killed Attumen quick and easy!

Gratz to:
Nagashon: Pattern: Soulcloth Vest
Buki: Gauntlets of Renewed Hope
Galaf: Stalker's War Bands

-Ihat the Righteous

January 2008

27 January:
Well i changed DKP site today so its on our own domain (faster and free) and whiped out all old DKP so i lost my big score just to keep down inflation and to be nice to all so i dont get everything i want without even caring ^^


25 January:
Today we went to Zul'Aman and we got the the stairs to the first boss but could not get further due to the major lag going on all over DH... We take em next time boyz!

-Ihat the Righteous

October 2007

10 October:
We changed Forum for better and faster ^^ Sorry for the inconvenience - Natherul!

September 2007

9 September:
Well we had some quite stupid tanks that if they stayed we would have been able to start raiding but they left AFTER they signed to the raid... Please help the officers and the guild itself be finding new tanks and healers for us!

-A slightly annoyed Natherul

August 2007

23 August:
Yesterday 2 tanks joined our guild so i have put up an raid for Karazhan in 2 weeks to give people time to finetune and help others with attunement!

Have a Pleseant Day - Natherul!

July 2007

27 July:
Well they released a new version of the phpraider so i updated but lost all users in progress but now all nasty small bugs should be gone...

// Natherul

22 July:
we now have a new raidpage, all users in the old one have been moved but their passwords where lost in the prosess so they all got 0000 as pass at the moment (witch is changable when logged in)

// Natherul

9 July:
Links are now updated and ready for use, not much left to upgrade on the site now but still^^

// Natherul

8 July:
Some changes made to the navigation bar, added two links which will be updated later on. Stay in touch!

// Muckie

June 2007

16 June:
Today we have kicked all the inactive players of the guild and will do so as well form now on after AT LEAST one month and if you got kicked due to this and want back you should report this to me personally. As well as this we now also require all Alts of the guild to report to me for that to be added on their officers note so they wont be removed be this cleaning.

Have a Pleseant Day - Natherul!

May 2007

18 May:
Well as we got some problems with folks leaving, Me and the officers decided to put the raiding on the waiting list for a little while and try to get more sane and nice peeps to the guild. Apart from that im updating the site today a bit.

With best regards - Natherul!

April 2007

27 April:
Breaking news! Yesterday it was clear that a long awaiten warrior got attuned to Karazhan, along with a few other people. We have been waiting, and waiting for that moment to come, and finally, it came. This means that Karazhan is our target, at 7:00pm (19:00) Game time. Natherul will start the invite at 6:30pm (18:30) Game time. If you want to come, check the raid signup page!

With best regards - Muckie!

22 April:
Now i've added the Raid section, thats where we will publish news about raids and so on, ofcourse we will announce about the raids on Homepage, but you will find more specific information about raids in the Raid section!

Our officer section has been updated alot, since we sent out Rufio to get our information back. Unfortunaly he was captured before he could send us all information about our officers. Once we have all information, we will let you know!


20:05 2007-04-22 - Officer site updated!
02:49 2007-04-22 - Raid site comming soon!
02:46 2007-04-22 - Officer site added!

22 April:
Finally! I can now (well you can probably see it to!) that we have a complete new design! I've been working on it for a long time, and yet much is to come. Im planning to have an officer page and some other fun! If you would run on some bugs, report it to me would you? The adress should be found somewhere on the site! :)
Site construction completed at April 22 01:56 (GMT+1).

// Muckie, Newswriter and Designer

10 April:
Long time no see! The house of Medivh lies quiet in the Deadwind Pass, shall we leave it that way? No no! We are not. Karazhan is the place we are aiming for, it's time to put an end to this unending tranquility! Level 20 instances doesn't need a tank, just good dps is enough to blow that kind of instances. Karazhan on the other hand, is not a lvl 20 instance. We got enough ppl for Karazhan BUT there is a big BUT, we need a hero - a warrior who can stand ground for the terrifying creatures that awaits inside the castle of Karazhan. The Unstable Equation is calling for your aid. You need to be atleast 70 or very close to it, and you must be motivated to get attuned (We are currently taking attuned warriors in the first hand). If you want to join us. You don't need any ventrilo or microphone but it would be great if you have access to it (and ofcourse a mic). Contact any of the officers in the guild, or send a mail to either mine (Muckie) or Natheruls mail. They are listed... somewhere on this site! Now i have to go and find out what year it is - Happy new year and merry christmass!

March 2007

19 March:
We now have our newswriter and its MUCKIE! and therefore hes also a new officer. He can be reached at muckie@natherul.webd.pl if you have any news to report.

10 March:
We now got our own roster that we will use instead of RPG as rpg server was busy all the time, Roster link is updated.

7 March:
The new promotion system has been chosen now and it will be as follows:
one promotion for becoming lvl 70 (and of cource telling me)
one promotion for being attuned to Karazhan (tell me as well of cource)
one promotion for being registerred on forum (and posting in new forum members)
one promotion for standing out in raids (basiclly doing a good job and not complaining)
one promotion for regesterring and using the raid signup page as its intended
one promotion for connecting to our ventrilo, you dont need to talk (no need for mic, just need to hear us)

3 March:
We are looking for a person to type the news to the guild meaning we are looking for someone that can type with feeling and passion (if interested mail me at natherul@natherul.webd.pl). Another important thing is that we should get all to lvl 70 and attuned to Karazhan as quickly as possible! the chain is described in a post Here its all a pain in the ass but simple enough, just do all the q's that Archmage Alturus (in deadwind pass) gives you and then all the followups.


Ferbruary 2007

16 Ferbruary:
Updated the Officers and is here to inform you all that some jerks in the guild left as they did not understand the signup page as well as that we had a homepage, please all that see this infor fellow guildmembers about this and ofc help get more active peeps.