Welcome to The Unstable Equation RIFT site!


Hello and welcome! TUE is a multi-gaming community wich has existed for a long time and in many games.
What we aim for is a casual and fun gaming experiance, so if you are looking for a guild to just have fun in and (if possible) join in on a operation now and then when you have the time then we are probably the guild for you!
Not only do we have this webpage and a forum to our disposal, we also have a 24/7 Teamspeak server for our members, for operation and just general chit-chat. In our Teamspeak members are free to say pretty much anything they want as long as they dont offend other members (so refrain from talking politics and religion please) and they are in the appropriate channel!.
If what you find here on the webpage and forum not sufficient information about us feel free to contact any of out officers ingame!

In RIFT we play on the server called "Argent" and we play ONLY on the Defiant´s side.