Welcome to The Brain Project!
Hey heres the page where I will publish my project that I'm doing in my third year of "NV" on Donner. This page is of course the introduction!


The purpose I have for doing this study is that it fascinates me greatly with the diffrances of human beeings. And what I want to know is the fysical differances between a "normal" individual and one with a syndrome. In my "research" I have used a medical database via the internet as I was unable to reach a Doctor with knowledge in this subject...

The defenition of having a Neropsyciatric disorder is to have problems greater then that of a person wich does not have any diagnose although to get a diagnose you must have it to that degree that it is interfering with your life (both regular and social) in a society. Its not that hard to understand that we would be different inside the brain like we are on the outside, I mean we have different eye-colors, skin color, hight and more...
Usually these people are easily detected as they can act a LOT different from "normal" people and the conditions of these disorders include:
-Control of attention
-Impulse control
-Working in groups and social difficulties in reinacting with people in the same age
-Learning process and memory
-Writing flowing texts
-Control of own body

Also most of the cases gets better with age and maturity as the individual starts to accept that he/she is different. Altough in the teens the impulsive children might get into trouble by joining inapropriate gangs while the passive childs become more and more lonley unless they can keep friends with the help of their uncommon interests.

Final Word

All things that I have quoted in this project I accept as facts as they are accepted in the medical society as fact due to the fact that they have been proved and are therefor in the medical database, they only publish things that has been proven right.